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Mr. Bharat Shethia and his younger brother Mr. Tarun Shethia - the enterprising duo of “Progressive Visionaries” have always set their sights only on the WINNING POST and have ever turned out triumphant.


A 1000-Mile Journey Without The First Step...? !
Yes, Only In Fairytales

WITH this maxim etched well in our minds, we put our first step forward with grit and gusto on our business odyssey in the name of TARUN ENTERPRISES in the year 1989.
IN spite of being constrained by a very limited manufacturing space at central location of Bombay (now Mumbai), Dadar, and armed with a limited knowledge of printing parameters with only experimental exposure to ever-evolving technology, we have managed to win over all the roller-coaster situations, culminating in ever rising business volumes besides augmenting the customers’ faith. With sheer dedication and aplomb, we continued our quest with a vengeance for more opportune times and after weathering the trials and tribulations of the mission, we could broaden our customer base resulting in a great boost in business volumes


Unleashing Our Prowess For Innovation...
Winning Customers’ Trust

WHILE we have always been on our toes with unsatiated hunger for innovation and customer satisfaction, today with unflinching faith and steely trustworthiness, we have mastered our strategy encompassing innovation with due regard to customers’ needs, thereby establishing us as successful business tycoons in the field of “TRANSFERS” and ‘DIRECT PRINTING’.