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Advantages of Transfer

"Beauty and Brands Go Hand and Hand"

Decorating the readymade garments with “Transfers” is one of the holistic modes to reach the imperatives of global competition. “Transfers” are known for their advantages over the direct printing. The affordable price, when small in size, simple process of attachment, heart winning & innovative designs, minimum wastage, easy to transport and long lasting durability; with these it could go beyond the limitations of direct printing, taking the market of printing on ride for more than a decade. Though today again direct printing is “in”, “Transfers” are still the inevitable part of garment industry to fashion it due to all the aforementioned advantages.

“Tarun Transfer Works” is welcoming all of you to “Tour to Transfers” with all the value added information on “Transfers

1. Simplicity:
• Simple Process of attaching transfer on ready garments
• Easy to fashion or decorate any garment
• No technical knowledge/ Assistance or Training required for fusing
Transfer on garment

2. Durability:
• Long lasting
• Washability

3. Affordability:
• Low production cost, highly cost effective (smaller the better)
• Low inventory cost, compact storage space
• Minimum loss of time with the possibility of parallel production of
“Transfers” & Garment.
• Low Transportation Cost
• No compromise with quality; as in case of non-standard, rejection is of
transfers and not of fabrics.

4. Popularity:
• Easy to fashion any traditional outfit/garment
• No threat of misprints
• No fear of mark or stain on fabric
• Soft touch feel of hot-split transfers
• Glossy Multi color designs with glitter
• Exact reproduction of images or photos
• Four Colour Process (Photo Prints) with underbase puff