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The rise is Tarun printing is no common rags-to-riches story. Says Mr. Bharat Shethia: “I was supplying visiting cards from a small office in early 80s. One day when a customer was fascinated by the design of a visiting card produced by my team, he suggested applying it on textiles. Then, there was born the idea of a printing house for garment. In 1989, we began with 200 sq. ft. of space, and today space of over 18,000 sq ft.”

Mr. Bharat Shethia attributes all his success to his companies’ constant pursuit of sophisticated technologies, “Wherever I go I am attracted towards sophisticated technologies, especially in printing. As an ISO-90001:2000-certified company, we value innovation and quality. We have today business relations, directly or indirectly with companies including Adidas, Armani, Arrow, Cherokee, Hanes, Disney Store, Liverpool, Pepe Jeans, Reebok, etc. This array of international brands alone does not speak about the Tarun Group’s success. A member of the SGIA (USA), Tarun Group has bagged as many as 68 International awards and 16 national awards. “We will soon be hitting century in awards,” says a smilling Bharat Shethia, pointing out to a big shelf next to his cabin housing all the awards.